Lift is a documentary film released in 2001, directed by Marc Isaacs. The short documentary is Isaacs’ first film. It chronicles the residents of a single high rise apartment in London. The concept of the film is simple; Isaacs would station himself and his camera in the elevator, observe and document the different characters filtering through. 

Understandably at the beginning, the various residents of the apartment are generally reserved, defensive and suspicious of Isaacs. Isaacs would spend the next two weeks filming for eight hours a day while progressively building rapport with the building’s residents solely confined in the elevator.

The confined setting creates a unique and intimate atmosphere as the many inhabitants slowly begin to communicate with Isaacs and each other. Stories begin to build as the audience learns more with each elevator ride. The residents increasingly share more of their thoughts and emotions with only minimal prompts from Isaacs. In addition The residents also find themselves increasingly interacting more with one another. 

With its authentic portrayal of everyday people in a typical apartment in London, Lift creates an interesting commentary on the lack of community in the modern world. Here you have humans living like ants in large numbers and in close quarters yet they barely speak to each other let alone know one another. 
Do you know your neighbours? If you do, you are either not living in a city or in a small minority. You can watch the 25 minute lift for free on YouTube!

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